Monday, July 30, 2007

I believe a wildlifer must not expect to be rewarded with recognition or wordly approval.
His work will be his recompense.
Only in his own peace of mind and self-esteem will he find solace.
I believe in Jus animalium, The Rights of Beasts, and Jus herbarum, The Rights of Plants.
The right to exist as they have always existed, to live and let live.
I believe in the Buddhist concept of Ahimsa -- justice for all animate things.
I believe in the greatest happiness for the greatest number of species of fauna and flora that
the Earth can sustain without resultant deterioration of habitat and depletion of natural resources.

I believe in the sanctity of the life systems, not in the sanctity of human life alone.
The concept of sanctity of human life is the most damaging sophism that philosophy has ever
propagated -- it has rooted well. Its corollary -- a belief in the insanctity of species other than man -- is the cause of that damage. The destruction of this idea is a prerequisite for survival.
I believe that wilderness is Earth's greatest treasure.
Wilderness is the bank on which all cheques are drawn.

I believe our debt to nature is total, our willingness to pay anything back on account barely discernible.

I believe that unless we recognise this debt and renegotiate it we write our own epitaph.
I believe that there is an outside chance to save the Earth and most of its tenants.
This outside chance must be grasped with gambler's hands.
-- John Aspinall