Sunday, December 25, 2005

Lakshadweep -Kadmat Dec 2005

Hi,I am back from lakshadweep and had a fantastic time. it is an amazingly beautiful place with clear transperant turquoise blue andgreen waters, even near the shore. The coral reefs are beautiful teeming with fish and variety of marine life. I could fulfill two of items on my wishlist - snorkeling and scubadiving the latter from "Lacadives" training institute for scuba diving- got a cert for having completed the 20min introductory dive. Saw Green turtle tracks - when it comes ashore for laying eggs. Also met Mr. Hisham and Ms. Andrea members of BNHS and LEAD working on a partnership project to save Giant clams.

Another out of the world experience was collecting planktons. - Algae in the sea waters when washed ashore at night time emit florescent light. Picking up the floroscent blue grains from the sand was thrilling. It was as if the sea had thrown up gems from its hidden treasure house for us to appreciate.
Once you get used to breathing in from your mouth and allow your nose the rest that it never gets, snorkelling and scuba diving is fun.It is like you are absorbed in a different world surrounded by fish big and small, beautiful coloured corals of numerous shapes and sizes and all you have to do is float about enjoying the spectacle. It is important not to get too excited and grin from ear to ear as I did and get gallons of salt water in your tummy!! The experience of travelling on a ship is novel in itself. We could spot several dolphins practicing their famous dives. Had a distant and not so satisfactory view of sooty terns and noodys.
We were lucky enough to witness the rising moon from the ocean waters- a great orange orb rivaling any sunrise in its beauty. I had never seen the moon look so orange ever in my life. The setting moon that we got to see on the day of return was a beauty in itself lending a mellow soothing sparkle to the sea waters.The sun rise that i could capture on my camera was one of the best possible for me till date. I hope the pics look as good on the CD as they look on the camera LCD.



At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Puja mathur said...

Wow!! Sounds beautiful Rama!! I can imagine what a wonderful time you must have had! Looking forward to seeing the photographs!

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Alekh said...

Hi Rama,

Wow! Snorkelling and scuba diving! Those are certainly on my wish list too. Sounds like you had a 'whale' of a time. :-)

We spotted a couple of dolphins too on this new years day, during our boat ride off the coast of Harihareshwar. The boatman was calling them 'black fins', but I didn't find anything of the sort on the web.. the closest match was "Black finless porpoises"! What do you think they were? It's a pity that neither of them was close enough to capture on camera.

Anyway, that was a nicely written mail. When do we get to see the photos?
Wish you both a very happy new year.

- Alekh

At 9:16 AM, Blogger Shekharbhatta said...

Nice! Lakshadweep is one of my favorite places too! I did my scuba certification here and later dived at several locations but Kadmat still remains one of the favorites.


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