Friday, December 15, 2006

The land of sun,sand and surf

Had a great trip to Goa :-)) truly the land of sun, sand and surf.....and possibly due to the recently concluded International film festival the town was ekdam up-to-date..

All major buildings and houses were as if recently painted and even individual houses are boldly painted in bright red, yellow, green and blue :-)) It makes the city look so welcoming and warm! The entire town looks as if it were from a toy land - a toy town.

Vijay Mallya's presence can be seen every where in goa- right from the ubiquitious Kingfisher brand of alcohol advertised at every nook and corner to his grand palacial guest house on land and motor boats on sea.

Had the first time experience of swimming in the open sea ... it is nice to experience the buyouncy that the sea water lends and feels amazing to be lifted high on the waves that come crashing to the shore.

A speedy bumpy ride on the waves on a water scooter was thrilling. We got to ride the scooter ourselves ....!! At the Coco beach near Panajim we got to see four beauties - Dolphins -two adults and two babies... real cute creatures and so graceful as they move out of the water for breath and quickly inside again displaying their dorsal fins. We had a time of our life spotting them around our boat and guessing their location every time they disappeared under water.

The trip ended with the timely arrival of Air Deccan to Mumbai (I had heard horror stories about Air deccan's service) allowing me to reach office on time. Over all a wonderful weekend indeed.



At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Dilip Thosar said...

Very poetic. You're a great writer. We almost felt as if we were in Goa with
you, seeing those dolphins and the toytown!
- Arati and Dilip


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