Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Run Mumbai Run!!!

Me and abhiram ran for the 'Dream run' (6kms) of the Mumbai marathon.
Amazing experience and great fun :-)

People from all strata join in, some running for a cause while others representing corporates.
The atmosphere is charged and colourful with people sporting variety of bright coloured Tee- shirts and groups by the road side cheering with flags, banners, and pompoms

What great fun to run through the centre of major roads , which are other wise the sole domain of vehicular traffic....

Even when one is puffing and panting the people by the road side cheer you on and one waves out to continue the run. Helicopters lowering on us near marine drive with the TV channel cameras rolling made us feel like heros.

It was the only opportunity to get to see Marine Drive from atop the fly over which is other wise occupied by vehicles :-)

The sheer scale and enormity of the whole event was awesome. The enthusiasm of the people young and old, fat and fit, running and a good number of them rooting for NGOs and corporates is very infectious.

It is also a good test of one's stamina and zest...
Abhiram and me enjoyed throughly....